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RGR Designs features Hand Crafted Jewelry. I only use quality materials in my work, choosing Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Semi-Precious Gemstones, Fresh Water Pearls, Artisan Lamp Work Glass and other items individually selected by me for each design. I use 49-strand flexible beading wire for many of my Necklace and Bracelet designs, which is known for its strength and durability. I assemble each piece of jewelry in my home studio with care so you can enjoy wearing my designs for years to come.

I have a life-long love of art and crafts and am often asked how I got started making jewelry. More than 20 years ago I was in a small shop with beads for sale and I found some beads I just HAD to own. It was natural for me to learn how to make a simple necklace and earrings from those beads. Although other hobbies and interests were my main pursuits for a few years, there came a fateful girls’ day out when I happened upon a fantastic bead shop. I was taken in by the colors, shapes & textures of the beads. I started making jewelry on a regular basis, learning new techniques and improving my skills. I was determined to learn to make beautiful, high-quality, well-constructed jewelry. It was exciting for me then as it still is today! People noticed when I wore my jewelry, and family and friends remarked that I should be selling jewelry. So a few years later – with more experience and confidence under my belt – I present RGR Designs.

Color, textures and shapes are exciting and motivate me as I pursue my ideas and designs. I enjoy bringing out the beauty, colors and contrasts in the various elements of my work. In all things my continuing source of inspiration is my love of God’s creation.

RGR Designs is also the source for other types of my artistic work. I am a water color painter, photographer, and quilt artist in addition to being a jewelry designer. Please Contact me to inquire about my work/designs.

Be sure to come back often as we add more of my work to the site. I am blessed to have the help and support of my wonderful husband. He is also my webmaster.

Thanks for looking.


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